Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Writing Task 2

Topic: To be successful in education it is more important to be a good student than to have good teacher. Would you support that statement?

Currently, most students desire to learn successfully in education. It is believed that it is more essential to be an excellent student than to have good teachers. In this essay, I will offer several reasons to support this statement, after considering its negative aspects.

Although there are good and bad students in every country, all of them want to succeed in education. It is simply because they will receive a great deal of awards and opportunities when they are good students. For example, when an intelligent student joins a big competition, he or she can get high prize that creates his or her reputation. This is exactly an instance which makes students study more and more.
Another reason supporting this statement is that students are able to have great jobs in the future once they succeed in education. In other words, they will earn a large amount of money and might become as rich Bill Gates, for instance. Although someone wants to become a good student, they have to practise and learn to be creative. Furthermore, if students are not so talented, once they concentrate on learning, they will be eventually good students.
On the other hand, I donot totally agree with this statement. It is definitely advantages if students have great leaders who will teach students a lot of their experiences and knowledge. This is the additional factor which makes everyone to become good students. However, the necessary factors are students who will decide the issues of the learning process.

To sum up, all things considered, it can be concluded that good student is being one of main factors to become successful in education. Nevertheless, we should not ignore teachers' missions which is teaching students possible everything.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Something I have done in Ubuntu

Today(November 24, 2009), I installed a new OS that is Ubuntu 9.0.4. So, I have to set up some necessary soft-wares and how to run a program. Therefore, I will introduce to everyone whatever I found:
1. How to run a C/C++ program by typing terminal:
- you should type following statement:
g++ code.cpp -o yourprogname
Example: g++ test.cpp -o test
- Note: you must install g++ which is the GNU C++ compiler
2. How to unrar in Ubuntu:
- you should type:
sudo apt-get install unrar-free
or for a non-free option, you can use:
sudo apt-get install unrar

Friday, 20 November 2009

Vietnamese Teacher's Day(11/20/2009)

Today is a special day. Therefore, all of students have a day-off. However, all of them visit their teachers and offer beautiful gifts and flowers to teachers. This day is very happy with everyone who still study at school, university or something like this.

By my own, I'm going to take part in an interview at FPT(Food Processing Technology) company. This is the first time, I take an interview. So, I feel very interested in this. After that, I will return my hometown (because, quite long time I donot come back + feel homesick).
Ultimately, best wish for everyone who visit my blog.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It''s cold

Today is very cold, so i decided stay at home in the morning. However, I have to prepare for mid-term test of Analysis in this afternoon(not sleep).
Now, I am free. So, I write some lines for my blog. It is my emotion and thinking as following:
The end of this year, I'm very busy with assignment, homework, final test, etc. While I come more lazy. But, I think that I have to try to win my own. Because, hard working will give me a lot of choices and opportunities, such as: knowledge, money, relationship, love, etc. So, I try to learn my best.

Ultimately, best wish for everyone who visit my blog.