Friday, 3 December 2010

Something to know in AS3

I have ever used ActionScript 3(AS3). So, I will show something for someone who attempt to learn AS3.

First, I recommend you should to know about some useful open source libraries, such as:
  1. PaperVision3D, Away3D for Flash 3D
  2. Box2DFlash for exact physical(chemical) simulation with detection collision
I think Flash+AS3 which are very good for 2D graphics. Of course, there are some IDEs(Integrate Development Environment) for programmer:
  1. Flex Builder
  2. FlashDevelop(it's strongly recommended)
If you stuck in how to choose a good tutorial to learn AS3, I will prefer 2 useful books: Essential ActionScript 3.0 and AS3 Design Pattern. Plus, Actionscript 3 MySql Driver is open source lib for AS3 connect to MySQL(it's very cool)

Anyway, If you have any problems with learning AS3 or how to use these IDEs and also OpenSource libs, you can ask directly me via gmail: