Monday, 16 December 2013

Tools to profile memory usage

1. MemCheck:
Dr. Memory. It is a relatively new tool, works very well on Windows 7. My favorite feature is that it groups the same leaks' allocation stacks in the report.
I have also used UMDH( ) and found it quiet useful and easy to setup. It works from Win2000 to Win7.
AppVerifier is a must have swissknife for windows native code developers, its "memory" checker does similar job
2. Callgrind:
My favorite is verysleepy ( ) It is tiny but very useful and easy to use.
If you need more features, AMD CodeAnalyst™ Performance Analyzer is free:
Windows Performance Analysis tools is free from Microsoft, not very easy to use but can get the job done if you are willing to spend the time.
3. Massif:
Similar(not quite exact match) free tools on windows are:
4. Cachegrind:
Above mentioned Windows Performance Tools has certain level of L2 cache miss profiling capability but not quite as good and easy to use as Cachegrind.
5. DRD:
Haven't found anything free and as powerful on Windows yet, the only free tool for windows I can find that is slightly close is the "lock" checker in AppVerifier:

#reference: stackoverflow