Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer 2010

Long time, I don't post any entry for my blog. Suddenly, I feel to have something which I want to say about SUMMER 2010.
When I entered into university in summer 2008, I don't have a long holiday. It's about 2 weeks for maximum. Now, even in this summer I just have 5 days-off for relaxing after fourth semester. It's too short, right? Thereby, I need time to relax, but I cannot. Because of I have some works to do. So I cannot ignore and I wanna make perfect in the future. However, I feel sometimes bored and tired.
Do you know? I always brace my computer through day-by-day: read read, code code, etc..:( these things make me feel bored, even I have ever thought that why I throw these in few day to do whatever I like. Moreover, I can crazy because of present works. Popular people told that: "The Young should do whatever you want. When they are older, they cannot do and then they feel repented.". This is the quote I wanna talk to everyone. It's can be say that "Life is fighting".
Everyone should relax and work such that balanced life. Don't dream about a dream which hardly cannot become true. Nevertheless, you are living in the world, you have to ambitions, desires to work. And then you will find what's happness and life will never boring.

That's the my thinking and emotions which I wanna public to everyone.